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Off axis guiding

I have just entered the world of guided astrophotography after many years of resisting the extra complications presented by it. The main problem i have always seen is that the opening in my observatory roof is too small* to allow me to mount a guide scope on my c9.25" and still have both scopes observing the sky at all times or not at all. At present I have successfully autoguided an ed80 with an Orion short tube 80mm as guidescope using PhD. Having mastered this I am now looking at using an off axis guider with the c9.25" to take advantage of the bigger aperture. However researching off axis guiding I'm wondering how hard it will be to find guide stars using this method . I would be grateful of any comments or guidance on using an off axis guider. My budget will only go as far as an Orion deluxe off axis guider.
Regards philip

* my roof was a freebie , and not ideal. The opening from bottom to overhead is keyhole shaped( see my avatar picture top left) , so at the very top the opening narrows then opens up again. The roof rotates and needs to be turned occasionally.
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