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Hello Malcolm,

Thank you for your answer!

I have seen the 14" in real life but not the 16" as it was too big for the shop floor , -so I have a reasonable idea of the size. :/
I have a 'good sized' back yard with a insulated/gyprocked/painted/carpeted 6X6 shed with approximately 20m2 of level pavers outside the main doors and I had planned to put the 16" DOB on a trolley and wheel it in and out of the shed. I'm in suburbia but it does get very dark around here.
Thank you for the comment on the planets as that was exactly the info I was after (referring to 3 main ones the rest blobs) I hope I don't offend anyone with that comment (I realize there is lots to learn/see/appreciate with planets but I was mainly interested in DSO.
After reading countless blogs and checking a large number of internet telescope shops I decided on the 16" mainly because most say "get a 12" so I thought "overkill" -yes that should do it.


Thanks a lot for your advice.

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