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Hello from yet another newbie!

Hi everybody, I cannot express the relief I felt in finding an online resource like iceinspace when I first started looking into beginners telescopes last week!
My 9yo son wants a telescope for his 10th birthday and so after reading various guides from various countries, I bit the bullet a few days ago and bought a 6" Dobsonian (SkyWatcher) from Bintel. This was in part due to reading posts from members here that recommended Dobs?! Hope I got the right thing!!

I got it home and built it last night (it was a beautiful clear night) but it was after midnight by the time I had it assembled...... thanks kids So I thought I'd wait until tonight to align the finder scope and test it out. Its like the cloudiest night we've had in weeks!!

Will I need to get a neutral filter for this scope to get a good eyefull of moon? There's not much of a moon to see atm is there?

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