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Hi Paddy & All,

Very interesting report and thank you for taking the time to share it with us. M9, like many other G.Cs in Ophiuchus has a fairly conspicuous dark nebula (Barnard 64) nearby to the W and SW that is an interesting contrast. Here is how I saw M9 back 6 years ago with 46cm from Mudgee:

M 9 NGC 6333 Globular Cluster
*RA: 17h 19m 11.8s Dec: -18 30' 59"
Mag: 7.8 Mag V(tip): 13.5 Mag V(HB): 16.2B-V (tip): ---
Size: 12.0'

LDN 173Dark Nebula
RA: 17h 17m 19.2s Dec: -18 31' 03"
Mag: ---Size: 12.0'x8.0' Class:

x185 27' TF

One of the lesser Messier clusters in Ophiuchus, but none the less a splendid object which is well resolved. Seems to have lower CC -- perhaps 8-9 with a broad moderate concentration of stars toward the centre. It is partially to well resolved at x185 with perhaps over 100 mag 13 to threshold stars peppered over the face of the cluster which has a hazy granular background. Appears perhaps 9' diameter. The two brightest resolved stars are 1/2 way out on the S side of the halo and in an apparent pair with a clump of fainter stars surrounding them. Overall seems round. There is a conspicuous large void of stars to the W and SW of the cluster which shows up better with low power -- this is B 64 or LDN 173.B 64. Appears 20' to the W and SW as an irregular shaped large 15' x 15' void with almost no faint stars within it.


Les D
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