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Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
Hi Marc. I was planning on putting it o the C14. When my PMX finally gets here, I plan to switch scopoes/mounts around and put the EdgeHD 14" on the PMX with the ATIK11002 and the C14 on the Titan with the QHY8.
I might start a sh|t fight here but I'd go with an SBIG Camera + AO combo. I know you have already a QHY8 but those AO are not exactly cheap although they do the job to some extent. The SX does the job for me at 4-5 corrections per second (on a good night) and takes care of most micro-guiding errors, wind buffeting, etc... but if you want to go long and tackle the seeing you have no choice but go with a fast tilt mirror and SBIG and its proprietary technology are the only one on the market that I know provide an all in one solution. And as Fred said as well good luck finding a guide star bright enough too. Depends on a lot of things. No easy answer I'm afraid.
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