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Solar sketches - full disc and AR 1117

Got a chance to do some solar sketches today. First time that I've attempted the full disc and second go at an active region. I used HB pencil, smudge stick with B graphite swatch and kneadable eraser. I think I'm going to need a harder pencil as the HB is too dark and the smudge stick is too broad for the wispy detail on the prominences. I also found it quite a challenge to get the bright bits around AR 1117 - the kneadable eraser just couldn't bring it up enough (I'd done a faint grey wash across the disc with the smudge stick before I sketched with the idea that I could brighten patches with the eraser). I tried a white pastel pencil, but this seem to have little effect. So I retrospectively put some white pencil lines in using GIMP on the full disc, but I'd like to be able to get it done at the eyepiece. So any ideas would be welcome. Any suggestions at all.

All through ED 80 with Lunt Ha filter at 0.7 angstroms. The full disc was at 46X, the AR at 67

Thanks for looking.
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