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Originally Posted by dugnsuz View Post
There's no cheap way into the quality you aspire to Duncan - been there, done that!!
I could say "be happy with what you've got..." etc etc - I know it doesn't satiate the hunger!!But, it's a very true axiom.
You are producing very nice stuff for a guy who's just a few months into the hobby!! And, I'm sure you could push the envelope on the gear you have - that to me is the challenge...getting results out of the gear you own which others tell you can't be achieved. That way, you can be assured that when you do own the CCD you'll suck the marrow from its bones!!! YUK!!!!!!!
Lang May Yer Lum Reek
Aye... I'm on the Talisker again!!!
Thanks for the encouragement fella, i intend to stick with the DSLR, a while yet.

I might go have a wee Belvenie

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