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Its only a column of dust

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Originally Posted by ngcles View Post
Hi 你B,

Good report as ususal and it is very good to see people get off the beaten track and observe things other than the brightest showpieces.
G'day NGCles,
I do enjoy observing through these more obscure catalogs, some of these open clusters do actually contain very interesting and remarkable arrangement of stars, such as LOD 807. I urge everyone to track this down, it really is a perfect arrow outline!

Having said that, I must admit that most non-NGC O.Cs leave me cold. Very few are well detacted from their surroundings, are rich or well condensed.
Very true, last night I did some more "off the beaten track" observing, some of these can't be distingused from the background field. Some are quite pretty however, such as Feinstein 1 in Carina which is a gorgous semi-circle of bright stars amongst a rich field.

Good to see NGC 6309 get a run -- it is a bright bi-polar PNe that in a 12" is very pretty.
I checked out photos of this - looks exactly like what I saw in the eyepiece. Seeing however limited good viewing. I like these sorts of small, bright PNs at high mags in excess of 400x.
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