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30 hrs in Heaven -- Observing report Mudgee Star Party NGCLes (Pt 11 and last)

Pt 11 and last ...

x185 27' TF

NGC 3719 Galaxy *
RA: 11h 32m 13.4s Dec: +00 49' 09"
Mag: 13.6 (B) S.B.: --- B-V: +0.60 Size: 1.7'x1.2' Class: SA(rs)bc pec:
P.A.: 15 Inclination: 3 R.V.: +5889 Source: RC3 *

NGC 3720 Galaxy *
RA: 11h 32m 21.6s Dec: +00 48' 15"
Mag: 13.7 (B) S.B.: --- B-V: +0.76 Size: 0.9'x0.9' Class: SAa:
P.A.: 85 Inclination: --- R.V.: +5958 Source: RC3 *

These two egs appear side by side 5' N of a mag 10 * and are only about 2.5' apart. -19 is the brighter of the two and slightly the larger and more diffuse, has a slightly less bright core and is weakly elong in PA 0, about 1.25' x 40" growing broadly and slightly to the centre where there is a small weakly brighter core zone. -20 is only about 40" diameter growing to s small slightly brighter core zone but no real nucleus.

And finally as he clouds became more and more troublesome, a few in Coma and then one in Canes:

x185 27' TF

NGC 4150 Galaxy *
RA: 12h 10m 33.5s Dec: +30 24' 06"
Mag: 12.4 (B) S.B.: 11.8 B-V: +0.80 Size: 2.3'x1.5' Class: SA(r)0^?
P.A.: 150 Inclination: 3 R.V.: +244 Source: RC3

This eg appears pretty much to the E of a mag 9 * by about 7'. It is fairly bright, maybe slightly elong in about PA 45 growing broadly and mod to centre and at centre is a very small mod brighter spot-type core/nucleus that is somewhat brighter than its surrounding halo.

x185 27' TF

IC 3044 Galaxy *
RA: 12h 12m 48.5s Dec: +13 58' 38"
Mag: 14.2 (B) S.B.: --- B-V: --- Size: 1.9'x0.7' Class: SB(s)cd pec:
P.A.: 68 Inclination: 6 R.V.: -181 Source: RC3 *

This eg appears in a pretty blank field between two mag 13 *s that are sep by about 6' aligned NE to SW. A pretty small faint and diffuse eg that seems round or elong slightly in PA 45, 50" x 30" growing weakly to centre azonally without core or nucleus.

x185 27' TF

NGC 4189 IC 3050 Galaxy *
RA: 12h 13m 47.3s Dec: +13 25' 31"
Mag: 11.7 (V) S.B.: --- B-V: +0.77 Size: 2.5'x2.0' Class: SAB(rs)cd?
P.A.: 78 Inclination: 2 R.V.: +1995 Source: RC3

Tis eg appears in a thinly populated field with a few scattered mag 14 *s with about 4 quite nearby to the eg. Appears to be about 2 to 2.25' diameter, round of lowish SB growing weakly to the centre and no real nucleus.

x185 27' TF

NGC 4186 Galaxy *
RA: 12h 14m 06.5s Dec: +14 43' 33"
Mag: 14.6 (P) S.B.: --- B-V: --- Size: 1.0'x0.8' Class: SA(s)ab:
P.A.: 66 Inclination: 2 R.V.: +7882 Source: RC3 *

This is a very small and dim eg which is pointed at from the NW by M98 about 10' away. Is not too far from a 13th mag *. Very small, round, 20-30" dia patch of consistent SB haze and brightens weakly to centre with no evidence of core or nucleus.

x185 27' TF

NGC 4861 Arp 266 Multi-Galaxy Sys *
RA: 12h 59m 02.4s Dec: +34 51' 46"
Mag: 12.9 (B) S.B.: --- B-V: +0.58 Size: 4.2'x1.5'
Class: SB(s)m: P.A.: 22 Inclination: ---R.V.: +809 Source: RC3

This is a very faint eg which is only at about 25 degrees elevation. It appears to stretched between two mag 12 *s aligned NNE-SSW about 2.5' apart. Appears as an ill-defined streak, 2.5' x 10" of consistent SB growing to the axis weakly and without apparent nucleus.

And now it was now over 60% cloud coming from the east and I decided that I was too tired to wait on with the long drive to Sydney before me tomorrow that enough was enough and did the full pack-up and put it all in the vehicle at 2am and shortly after hit the sack. The cloud at that point seemed to be thinning out a bit and when I got up for a comfort stop at 3am, it was totally clear again.

With the extra sleep I was up and 9.30am and by 11.30 I was on the way home after a superb weekend of observing. I can remember several Mudgee star-parties with more lively social-life, but Im struggling to remember more that was more productive in terms of pure observing: More than 172 recorded observations and over 135 new objects bagged and I was forced to miss a night without the recorder.

The drive home was largely uneventful save for a very dark rain/thunderstorm around Blaxland. Great stuff all round!

Thanks to John and Patti for hosting us again and thanks to all for making it a great weekend for the SASI.


Les D
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