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I would assume the Synta engineering team and design developers (based in the US and China ) of a ďhypothetical future EQ7-R mountĒ would go through design development and testing of the proposed mount and ensure the tripod has sufficient design stability for maximum rated payloads and less than normal environmental conditions. These guys have been making mounts for decades be it entry level to low end and now an observatory class mount in the EQ8-R

I imaged NGC 6744 a mag 9 galaxy in Pavo back in July under 15km/hr to 25km/hr wind gusts and average seeing in the backyard of my weekender down the south coast (Bortle 3 skies) running 5 minute dithered guided subs for 4 hours and the EQ6-R didnít miss a beat. Talking about performance from a relatively low end mount, however you have to do all the little things right with respect to good balance and a low centre of mass ( my tripod legs are only extended around 80mm )
I really canít fault the EQ6-R , maybe Iím just lucky ??
If Synta ever decide to manufacture and market such a mount with 32kg to 35kg Max payload, I certainly would been very interested in looking at it for sure
The EQ8-R is way beyond my imaging requirements and capabilities plus itís simply just too big and heavy for a temporary set up
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