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Hi folks,

First of all, it's fair to say that Sky-Watcher still has their engineers and designers post EQ8-R launch and they're busily working on new products. These take a while to come to market. Sometimes, quite a while.... However, any feedback and suggestion is always handy especially from experienced users.

Secondly, the mount in the link that appeared on some European websites and catalogues was from someone jumping the gun earlier in the year after seeing a prototype/mock-up and this has been discussed elsewhere. It's not like it's a mount in production that is only available in the Europe and us poor Aussies are being left out off.

We do work very closely with Sky-Watcher. Far from being being a "blip", the Australian market and customers here are taken seriously. For example, we had the founder of Synta/Sky-Watcher, David Shen, and other senior members of his team here for an extended visit only three weeky ago. So yes, the request for feedback is very real it will get to the right people.

Hope this helps!

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