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I feel your frustration and now some relief hey
I have 2 storey houses either side of me with a million wall lights , balcony lights and passage lights left on most of the night until late. Iím sure these home building companies saturate the house with exterior lighting to advertise the house from the street , thereís no way you need that many lights and more than half have no real purpose.Don't people believe in using motion sensors anymore , they ainít rocket science !!
I had no choice but to buy some poly tarps from Bunnings and hang them up around my scope to avoid direct glare
Itís bad enough imaging under Bortle 8 Sydney skies and the moon every 2 weeks and now Las Vegas either side of me
Grumble Grumble ......
Fortunately .... I have a weekender on the south coast 2.5 hrs from Sydney with Bortle 3 skies , ah some relief from time to time ( my little piece of Astro heaven)
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