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Ahhh silence is golden. Neighbours barking dogs have moved :)

Every time I moved to the backyard to observe, or to make images, my neighbours dogs would begin to bark. As we know sometimes the best sky is up in the wee hours, and so my neighbour complained that I was sooling his dogs up At the time he complained it was 2:30am and I was quietly sitting by my scope looking at a red screen.

Its not the only time the dog barked, he was a constant annoyance, just walking out the back door was enough to get him going... but now they have moved...yehhh well at least I think they have moved... maybe they are just on hols. hmmmm

Anyway it so nice to just be able to garden or obs and enjoy the peace. Even with noise cancelling headphones on it wears you down.

Now if I can just get the neighbour on the other side to turn off their flood lights......

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