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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
Looks very interesting.
Iím a little surprised to see no sessions on spectroscopy.
Over 85% of all our knowledge of the Universe has come to us through spectroscopy.

Hi Merlin66,

The full program is not online yet as the abstract submission date (where all the talks get accepted or rejected) is not until October. So, in a very real sense, there are no sessions presented online yet. We have our major speakers online (go here) and you can easily guess what they may speak about from who they are. It is very normal for conferences such as this not to present sessions at this stage until all attendees have submitted abstracts and the program is constructed.... please submit an abstract if you like!

There are usually many attendees interested in spectroscopy. As a point, we don't specifically say "photometry" either, although that is a major part of the exoplanet transit, open cluster and variable star section and we don't say "astrometry" either, although that is a major part of the double star section. The first line of our blurb covers basically all of the 'metries'

The RTSRE conference series focuses on building a sustainable community around the educational, technical and student research uses of robotic telescopes, from small through to large aperture and from radio through to gamma-ray and involving both observed and archival data
I would say that spectroscopy falls under "observed" data

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