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Heq5 pro that I've disassembled, cleaned lubed and adjusted the worms, also belt driven removing all backlash and the spur gear related error these mounts suffer.
Scope is a 5" f/5 Newtonian. 650mm focal length.

I can run 20 minute guided subs bin 1x1 with no problems

The polar alignment is good enough for 1 minute unguided sub.

Settings as follows.
Guide exposures: 3~5 seconds.
Calibration time in RA and Dec set to 7 and 10 respectively.
Backlash in RA and Dec set to 0 and 0.25 respectively.
Min move 0.01
Maximum move 1.00
Aggressiveness at 6
Delay between corrections is 0
Simultaneous x and y relay activation is on.

Guiding through camera relays and st4 cable to the mount.

Peter. Will give that a go this week. Cheers.

I will post a pic of my calibration results.
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