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Originally Posted by Astroman View Post
Ahh makes sense. I guess this will all become obvious once I get the camera in the next decade or so. Just trying to learn as much as I can to flatten out the steep learning curve.

Thanks guys!

Yes - just use a Bahtinov mask & watch in the downloaded shots
or do 2 second updates with binning.
It's much easier than live view on a DSLR.

If you have Maxim DL you can sample the stars in all 4 corners
plus the middle of each frame while you wait
for the next frame.
You can see FWHM in all 5 areas to compare with previous
frames to see if you're losing focus & what the seeing is like.

That sort of real time update can save you a lot of wasted frames.
I remember once doing the LMC for over 3 hours without
realizing my focus was slightly off using a DSLR.
I only found out the next day when I went to process.
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