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Weird Entropy weighted results

I was experimenting with DSS 3.3.3 to see which stacking routine would give the best results on various DSO types - nebulae and galaxies.

I tried Entropy weighted average (HDR), and got a nice picture - good contras and depth etc, but then a problem when put into PS.

I have streaks of RGB all over the image - see below. I tried a median filter to remove them, which did work, but where the streaks run through the GX, of course removing them is obvious.

Anyone know WHY this does this, and it's only using Entropy Weighted average (doesn't matter which sub setting like 3x drizzle etc I use). I'd like to use it as the images are rather good otherwise, but...

Photo 1 is a close up crop straight out of DSS with no processing. Image 2 has had contrast adjusted to show the phenomena easier. The RGB streaks are present on the ENTIRE image.
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