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ASI1600MM-C, + QHY 36mm Filter Wheel + LRGB + NB Filters

I am selling my ASI1600MM-C plus all the other gear needed to do broadband and narrowband imaging with this wonderful mono cooled camera.The QHY filter wheel (5 position, 36mm), my Baader Narrowband 36mm filter set (HA, OIII, & Si) (Baader Product # 2459466), and my Optolong LRGB 36mm filters (my L is really a UV/IR Cut filter).
I have not used this gear for nearly 18 months, following my health problems early last year, and it is time to let them go. I would prefer to sell the whole set to one person, rather than part it all out, but we will see what happens.
I should point out that the ASI1600MM-C is one of the very early June 2016 models, and had had firmware upgraded via Teamviewer session by Sam at ZWO, so it is not what is called a Pro Version 2 model, never the less the cooling and wonderful Panasonic sensor are the same (it just doesn't have the built in 2 port hub) I use a powered hub on my pier. Note that the camera comes with the optional front glass case heater and a pack of extra dessicant pills.
Price, I have no idea what it is currently worth, but I am thinking $1200 for the lot at this point. I have all the original boxes and packaging, I should be able to put them in a larger box to ship anywhere in Australia. Shipping cost will be added to the sale price and is subject to getting a quote to ship to your postcode. Obviously it can be picked up as well, at Lake Macquarie, NSW, 2264. Payment terms will be COD if picking it up, or direct deposit if shipping, but I may except Paypal.

If your interested in seeing many images taken with this camera, check my Astrobin Gallery

Page down for the narrowband images, note that there are nearly 100 in the gallery, but some are DSLR so pick out the 1600 ones.

If your interested than PM me here on IIS, I have turned PM back on.
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