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Sounds familiar.

My dad used to repair the Kombi motor on the kitchen table. In those days there was no garage with a workbench I suppose.

Must run in the family as when I came home from school my brother had his triumph Bonneville in parts on newspaper in the lounge room.

I like the sound of onstep for the EQ6/EQ5 with belt drive. . I should try that next , having tried it on the fork. Just need to get the wireless module to work.

Originally Posted by The_bluester View Post
You sound like my dad bojan.

It was before I was born but my mum's Fiat 500 apparently used to do a head gasket with some regularity and he had replacing it down to a fine art, doing it on the dining table. A table which we still have and that half a century later still has marks on it to prove it where oil went in to the oak and marked out the corner of where the head was sitting one time, among other things like a clear imprint of a ball bearing.
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