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Arrow Timing belts and pulleys on Argo Navis kits for Synta Sky-Watcher Dobs

Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
I see your az encoder is belt driven ? .. Is that by choice or just the way the hardware is supplied for this type of scope ?
Hi Graham,

For mounts where there is insufficient clearance for the OTA to pass over an encoder
coupled directly into the Az pivot bolts, many of our kits use a pair of industrial timing
pulleys and a timing belt, which creates a lower profile and shifts the encoder
out of the way. The Synta Sky-Watcher 12" Collapsible is such a mount as are the
Meade LightBridge scopes.

Timing pulleys and belts have close to zero backlash and are an ideal solution
in situations such as this.

You can find copies of the installation instructions for the Sky-Watcher Dob
kit on our web site here for the Az axis -
and here for the Alt axis -

Best Regards

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