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Arrow Bushes

Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
Sorry gary I seemed to have confused things .. my az bolt is one of yours and fitted to the base now (pics last page) alt mount was the one i was thinking of slipping in a nylon bush
Hi Graham,

No, it wasn't you. I am on the same page now. When you said 'bush' you really
meant bush and not the sleeve inside the bolt.

OK. There are a few ways one can go here. You could use an off-the-shelf
bronze bush. They come in a variety of I.D./O.D & length combinations with
and without flanges. You could use an off-the-shelf polymetric material
bush from someone like Vesco Plastics.
You could use a bush made of any number of other materials, including
acetal, from someone like Miniature Bearings.
Or you could get some appropriate O.D. acetal rod and turn it yourself.
I'd recommend you start by looking at the bushes at Miniature Bearings Australia
who are up in Qld and you can purchase from one-off online.

..I might figure something to come of the top of the mirror box like you mention as I'm not happy with that little bracket I've made .. the axis is right down in that corner of the bearing .. which is a real ..pita.
That segment on the trunnion, that is currently to the left of your bracket in the photo,
does get in the way a little, doesn't it?

If it wasn't for that segment, ideally you could have a bracket similar to the
one you have but allow the bracket to slide back and forth across the
top of the cross member and then mill a vertical slot in the bracket for the encoder shaft
to allow the encoder to move up and down. This is the opposite way around
to what I suggested before, but the previous suggestion was based on you didn't
do anything to that segment.

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