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Originally Posted by nightstalker View Post
So its just sitting over the screw?... Is to allow any movement of the alt encoder to be transfered to movent in the tangent arm rather than
placeing undo strain on the encoder itself ?
Indeed, just let it slide over the shoulder of the shoulder screw.
That way there won't be enable sideways force imparted to the encoder
should the encoder not be exactly centered or if the bearings aren't
perfectly circular.

I think I'll use nylon bush like on your az bolts .. can It be bought and easily fitted .. I hope to get a couple of mounting options turned up on the old mans lathe later this week.
Rather than use a sleeve, do you have sufficient clearance for the edge of
the optical tube to pass over the encoder if the head of the Az pivot bolt
were above the inside base of the rocker? If so, consider drilling and tapping
a hole in the side of the bolt to accept a socket head set screw. Then hold the
encoder shaft in place by tightening up the set screw with an approriate size hex

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