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Excellent to hear, Martin!

Not so crazy, are we...

Remember, always START with checking the secondary mirror with the Cheshire, and only after that (and if any tweaking) do you use the laser! A laser will not fix collimation issues of the secondary. First, secondary mirror. Second, primary mirror.

Many people confuse the issue because the terms "primary" and "secondary", and assume that this somehow also relates to their order of importance, or they make the mistake that a laser is a "fix all". Great to see that you noticed a continued problem and that you asked for help. Then your thread becomes an invaluable resource for others with the same problem!


PS: Marc's advice about auto-collimators is also excellent! I have all three, Cheshire, laser and auto-collimator, and will use all three if I find I cannot solve a collimation issue, or not "repeatable".

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