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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post
I own the G2-8300 with internal filters. It is a fine camera. My only reservation is the state of current drivers. It has native drivers for AstroArt and MaxIm, but not TheSkyX. ASCOM works erratically with TSX but fine in other programs. Moravian promises an X2 driver for TSX but it has been "delayed." If you don't need TSX support than I think it's an excellent choice with very good cooling.

BTW, you need 31mm unmounted filters, not 1.25" in this camera. At least this was the recommendation. You might get away with 1.25" but I wouldn't want to test this. 31 mm unmounted are available from Astronomik and Astrodon and probably some others.

Feel free to contact me if you need some other help.

any pics of the camera and filters Peter? would the 1.25 cause vignetting?

i see there are now external filter wheels for these cameras? no not using the TSX but would be ASCOMming it with either nebulousity or something else?
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