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hello everyone,
I have just had my 17" mirror coated and thought I should report in and thank those who offered advice for this newby glass pusher. The field tests so far give great views and stars are quite small dots (proportional to magnitude). Sydney has terrible seeing and so accurate tests outside are impossible these days. I did do a ronchi test and lines appeared straight with the usual TDE appearing in the outside 1/2". Like Stephan, I found 6 - 8 lines were easier to read, and showed up the TDE which seemed to get masked with just a few lines. Looking at the trapezium in Orion I can regularly see 6 stars there, and the gas cloud gives plenty of detail. The LMC looked fabulous and Jupiter shows details in the bands and the moons are round and bright. One thing I noticed after using it uncoated for many months was that the coating made no visual difference to the images only they were brighter. I was worried that after coating the images would be far worse so I was relieved when this wasn't the case. So overall it seems to be a reasonable mirror and I am happy with it.
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