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re football team

Never thought the title of the thread would cause an issue-strange how some minds work,I'll get into the advanced edit and change it.

Thanks for feed back and advice,I'll have to do a re take at some stage,so I'll be putting your thoughts into action,and have more time.I was happy with the overall execution.I used AV 6.3 on this image,I'd like to look at using a narrower AV next time to get a tad sharper focus.

Certainly a different type of photography,always interesting to learn different photography,or try to learn.

I did bump into a chap a football using a Canon 500 L and 1 D and on his hip he had a 5d2 with 150-500 sigma,there was another chap with a 40D and 100-400L-when the 40D kit was along side the 500L/1D it was like comparing the size of a cessena next to a B747! what an amazing piece of kit-I got to use it briefly-first time I'd seen a 500L in the field.So that was about my high light of Blackbutt football.I was amazed at how tuff the full pro gear must be-the guy kept putting it on the grass!when I got to use had bit of dry grass on the inside of the hood!=fancy putting a 500 L on the grass! My kit has never sat on grass.

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