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Hi everyone

You may or may not know I recently moved to Australia from the UK. I'm a keen imager, and was influential in the Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS) in the UK, as a Local Officer for Cambridgeshire.

I've had loads of different astro gear over the years, various Astro Physics and Bisque Paramount ME mounts, loads of OTAs, more CCD cameras than I can shake a stick at, adaptive optic units etc.

My current imaging rig that I've settled on is my Astro Physics AP1200GTO (best mount out there in my opinion - and I've tried the lot), Takahashi TOA150 (best refractor I've ever used) and SBIG STL1100M camera.

I also use the STL for wide field with a Zeiss 75mm SLR lens, and a Canon 300mm f/4 L series lens, and also a Pentax 75 SDHF - the worlds best astro imaging secret!

I'm also nearing completion of an 18" f/4.4 Dobsonian with a Mark Suchting optic.

Future plans are a major CNC engineering project to design and build a custom truss RC for those smaller DSO imaging tasks, and to build another observatory. I really miss the one I had in the UK!

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