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Originally Posted by DiscoDuck View Post
Winter has meant it's been a while since my last image that's been remotely worth posting. In fact, it's been so long, I even had an automated email from Astrobin enquiring as to where I'd gone!!

About 4 hours L and 4 hours total RGB on 47 Tuc from a dark sky site in South Australia - not great seeing so tried to do my best with the data. ZWO ASI 1600MM-C and RC8 mounted on an AP Mach1.

Interestingly, I noticed the galaxy PGC 1536 (ESO 50-10) lurking in the background (near the top to the right of centre).

Full res on Astrobin here.

Comments welcome.
A fantastic, beautiful image of 47 Tuc, Paul. That has to be one of the best images of the globular that I have seen. Well done!
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