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Originally Posted by casstony View Post
Which Celestron mount are you considering?

I've used Starsense with Celestron AVX & CGEM mounts and it worked well. I now use the Skywatcher version of Starsense with an AZ-EQ6 and it also works fine.

I also have had various alt/az mounts but never bothered with Starsense on those as they are already very easy to align.

Given the exorbitant Australian price of Starsnese for Skywatcher, you may be able to sell it for the price of a new Celestron Starsense.
Interesting you say that, I was looking also at the AZ EQ6 GT, as I have the Skywatcher Starsense. Seemed the best of both worlds, AZ for visual, and some basic CCD imaging, followed up with some more serious imaging in the future. To tell you the truth, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I am looking at the moment at an 8SE, but it will be a pain if I want to get into more serious things. More worried, that the Skywatcher Starsense I bought is a dud - purchased from the U.S. via Amazon for far less than the cost here.


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