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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Its also unlikely you can do long exposures on a corrected Newt with a 16803 camera without severe flexure. Newts are great but having a focuser sticking out the side of the tube is an engineering nightmare. Perhaps one Isaac did not forsee!

You are kind of right Greg. With the big heavy PL16803 + Atlas focuser and CFW-5-7, on the AG12 I had to limit subs to 5min and even then I could see diff flex more often than I would like but much of this problem was really due to the size of my guide scope (ED80) and how I had it mounted to the system (ie rather poorly ) that I have an OAG as part of the SX gear (all be it a much lighter system at 1/3 the weight) I can really see that when I eventually return to using the 16803 on the AG12 again I will be fitting a MMOAG in the image train..I think it, along with the camera and filterwheel, can just fit within the 79mm back focus.

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