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Gorgeous view last night of this event from my home in Sydney.

I was able to make out the smallest disk of Europa, and it was a wee bit brighter than the background Jupiter, and more creamy/yellowish in hue. Ganymede was decidedly larger in angular size, with Io and Calisto roughly the same size.

Lovely intricate cloud formations within the GRS, different hues as well, and very intricate details in the equatorial belt leading out from the GRS, and petering out as it eventually meets up again with the GRS.

Saturn - OMG! Just stunning! So detailed and colourful! I've never seen such soft tonal variation in the C ring alone! The Enke Division was resolveable by the time I packed up. And surrounded by a hord of firefly-like satellites.

Seeing was ok when I started around 9:00pm, and gradually improved until I finished at 11:30pm.

Was using my 7" Intes Mak, with 300X being a magnification sweet spot.

Can't wait until Saturn's opposition next month

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