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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
I looked and there is a small earth wire going to a half inch rod and that wire goes to the genny.
Well, generators should be grounded as a general rule although it's one that most people overlook if the genny is being used occasionally and away from the house - i.e. camping and the like.

If yours is one of those generators that automatically switch on if there is a power failure, it most certainly should be grounded. And if it is just used for running the odd light or fridge in the house during a blackout, it should be grounded also. One way or the other, it sounds like yours is.

From what Nick has said here, merely putting in an earthing bar/rod does not do much against lightning though. IThose play more of a role in protection against electrocution. Have a quick Google around the subject of lightning protection and Benjamin Franklin and you'll get the drift.

There are lightning arrestors and suppressors that can be wired into your fusebox, I believe. I don't really know the difference between them though.

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