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I was on the phone and lightning hit the roof or somewhere close at the old place..I heard a very loud bang is all .I woke up on the floor with three dogs licking my face. We all went and sat on the bed terrified until the storm passed. As Nick said things dont work quiet right afterwards.
I was by myself for another ten days and had an unsatisfiable obsession to write..I dont know what I wrote but I did not seem to stop..I drained every pen and used every piece of paper and in the end was getting charcoal out of the fire to write on the floor.

But I am fine these days as anyone can see☺.

What should I do here?
The wind generator tower is maybe 50 meters from the house and is connected somehow to the house according to the electrical board. The lead from the tower goes to the back of a 240 vlt power point in the shed near the tower so I expect it comes to the house that way but how it charges I just dont know.

My thoughts are to strap some cable to the tower and drive a pipe into the ground as from memory there is nothing like that on it..
Also we dont use the land line...maybe dig up the line and get that away from the house.
If you saw my post in general chat re lightning damage you can see what happened to the pit.

Having had the experience with the phone I am fearful of lightning...when I sailed a mates boat down from Brisbane we could not make it into Balina before nightfall with the bar unpassable and had to stay at sea all night...well all around on the horizon was lightening and it was all I could do to keep it together...mast and lightning worried me sick ... I went 27 hours at the helm and put the experience as one of the most difficult times to stay mate had lost it hours earlier when the gale was blowing us to the rocks at Byron ..he had never sailed before (yet bought a sail boat) and it was all a bit too much for him.

I have been worrying about this wind tower all night.

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