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The problem for you to consider right now is that by putting a tower on a hilltop that’s the most likely target which lightning will strike, but the impulse will travel along all the stuff you have connected via cabling. High chance of the electrics/electronics being damaged in various ways if it is hit - this is still problem with electronics in remote areas where an impulse would travel kilometres down a power line. Often the gear sort of works afterwards but is dodgy in some way.

While I doubt you’ll be at an outside BBQ or tin shed in a thunderstorm, the problem is the house and the electricals inside, if the hilltop is hit these will receive the impulse too.

Anyone in close proximity - or touching it - is at risk of a serious shock, possibly fatal - this is why you really shouldn’t use a wired telephone in a thunderstorm. A wireless phone is fine (though the base station may be fried).

In this respect I would suggest the hilltop setup is best left in glorious isolation not connected to anything at a distance.

The alternative is to install lightning protection - it does work BTW and is effective. Your problem will be finding someone to do it.
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