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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
You should not use any chemical wipes on eyepieces.
If you must clean eyepices use a cotton bud and clean water and wipe up and down not round round and round.
I also use my breath it does a good job also.
Bintel sell a good solution developed for lenses and corrector plates by astronomers.
Some of the coatings on certain brands of eyepieces are not very robust and as such will come off very quickly if wipes etc are used.
Hi Ron,

Sometimes the simplest ways are best. I suppose you would use bottle or even better distilled water as tap water can have lots of impurities dissolved in it. In Broome its especially bad with silica in the water. The whitish stains left over after the water dries off are near impossible to move being resistant to acids. Thanks for the advice for cleaning motion method. I will keep that in mind. Cheers
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