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Originally Posted by simmo View Post
Sadly these are no longer but you may be able to find some under different names.
Yup, they're just about gone. After Tani-san (the 'T' in Circle-T) retired at the end of last year (he was 84, apparently), the factory shut and stocks have dwindled. These "volcano top" orthoscopics are also sold under the University Optics and Edmund Optical brands. UO are all out of stock. Circle-T are almost gone - only some focal lengths available in small numbers, but Edmund Optical still has some (they charge the most, though).

The glass in these is very clear and they are easy to use.
Good planetary views compared to other eyepieces I've used, but the shorter focal lengths (I also have the 4mm and 5mm in addition to others) have very short eye relief, which makes it a bit hard. Nevertheless, the raw view is better than any barlowed combination I've tried, so far at least.

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