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Hi Glen,

What about taking the approach of just a heatsink & fan?

Would this not drop the sensor a few degrees without producing condensation?

My issue is that sensor temp in FNQ is often up around 38 - 39 degrees. Adding a Peltier would likely result in condensation (our dew point can be up around 23 - 24 degrees) which as you correctly state would ultimately be disastrous for a camera not designed for cooling.

My thinking is that if a heatsink & fan could reduce temp by say 5 degrees, I might lose some heat related noise but, avoid condensation?

What are your thoughts on this approach?



Originally Posted by glend View Post
Attempts to cool cameras that are not purposely designed for cooling attachment are almost certain to result in premature failure of the camera electronic, the reason internal condensation. Having built a few cooled DSLRs I know something about this topic. If you can seal the camera in a dry gas chamber or membrain you may have a chance.
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