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Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
I'm wondering if just using a heat sink & fan on the ZWO would do something to reduce sensor temp without bringing it down so far as to induce condensation.

Is there any value in this approach?
Yes to the first question, maybe to the second.

I added a heatsink (no fan, just heatsink) to my zwo 120mc and got a measurable 1C reduction in sensor temp.
Later I took apart a cheap garbage usb drink cooler which never cooled my drinks and stuck its peltier heatsink and fan to the zwo instead and was a reliable 13C reduction of sensor temp, cooler nights the outside of the zwo would be thick with white frost but I never had any sign it occured inside.

So technically YES you will get a temperature reduction with simple external heatsink setups. But if this results in a noticable improvement in images I can only assume maybe. Technically any cooling reduces noise, but noticably? Dont know, I only imaged planets or sun/moon so no long exposures where noise is most obvious. It was worth the exercise for me because I was curious but I can't say it resulted in better imaging but it should have a tiny bit and possibly prolonging the sensor life too.

But I can say I did once do a little longer exposure tests for fun and they were fairly noisy. Later I got the 174mc-cooled and that just blew the 120 away for noise and I think its worth every penny paying for the cooled version which give me a steady 32C below ambient and I dont think its worth trying to reach that delta with your own mods. Not a scientific comparison and very different sensors in those cameras but if you're a tinkerer and have a peltier already on hand then go for it.
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