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Hi Mellotron

Hi Mellotron,
If you are wanting to get serious into astrophotography, I would suggest a scope on a EQ Mount. The nextstars and the majority of other scopes mounted on a wedge will actually turn the image as it tracks through the sky causing problems with long exposures. There are some software and hardware out there that will help fix this problem but at an expense. I would avoid the goto scopes if you are limited in funds as the goto EQ mounts are reasonably expensive. You are best of finding your own way around the sky as I have, the use of setting circles helps quite a lot once the scope is properly polar aligned. I have purchased a 150mm Reflector f/5 on a EQ3 mount from E-bay for about $340. It did need to be collimated properly and I have taken the slop out of the focuser which was easy to do. I also had to buy a motor for the mount, a single axis job (a must for photography and high power observing of binary stars), a dual motorized mount would be better. Don't buy a Dob as are not made with Astrophotography in mind.
Even a Cheap Canon digital camera will get some results as Digital camera that cost me $99 from E-bay.
I have some shots I have taken on my Web site at....

Here is one of them, hope this info helps you in your purchase, you will achieve far higher quality Superior images with your camera than I have here
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