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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
Finally I found a photo that wasnít too dull and boring, as I might appear in just a simple portrait, although I had to go back to the early 1990ís when I was an active hill walker and occasional mountaineer.

Here I am on a training climb in the French Alps Ė the big mountain in the background is Mont Blanc (4,808m / 15,774ft). The training peak was the Tour Ronde (3730m) which we climbed to acclimatise ourselves before ascending Mont Blanc via the Aiguilles de Gouter route, (the easy way up), being more of a high altitude walk rather than a technical climb.

Although physically it is not who I am now, (age and all of that), my spirit hasnít changed and it brings back fond memories of some wonderful times I had amidst those beautiful mountains, in the company of great friends. Not unlike dwelling here, in the Ice In Space community.



no wonder you get confused with tripods and scope coats
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