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Thanks Mark, yes I suppose the only thing to realise is that off the shelf it will not be perfect. For me, on the 10", it simply came down to a me being silly and not listening to myself. I knew in my heart that the focuser was not up to scratch but was wasting lots of time wishing and trying to make it work. I should have simply gone and got the Moonlite or Feathertouch straight away. I also didn't know if the TS2.5-Flat would work as I didn't find any images with a full size chip taken through it and felt all the other flatteners were not up to the mark being 2", I just wasted time before actually buying it. The 16" BTW will have far less field curvature and may even be ok on a big chip without a flattener this is one area where bigger is better. You would need a proper mount, be prepared to go and spend serious coin on the mount to take advantage of this scope. I think it will be a winner, time will tell :-)

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