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USB - a few questions for the techies

Hi guys,

Do we have any USB cabling gurus out there to provide some advice?

I believe the max distance for a USB 2 cable is 5m, USB is 3m.

I'm looking at relocating my control computer to a warmer spot for winter which will mean my USB cable run will need to be somewhere in the vicinity of 6-7m. What are my options????

I've read a USB hub will allow me to extend the run by another 5m. Is that a powered USB hub or just one of those 4-8 port cheapies you can get?
On the hub idea......if I throw say 4 usb cords in to the hub on the scope and then run a single usb lead back to the computer is that going to be an issue with the cables ability to carry the data I need it to carry?

What are other people doing? I currently have 6 x USB cables in the back of my desktop running various components......can I bring them all back in a single cord from a hub that is located closer to the scope to save the spaghetti I currently have?
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