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Tried the heat shrink. Works sort-of but I think it's still a bit on the soft side. Positive aspect is the extra friction it produces is good.

One is a vixen SSW. Will try a ring cut from pill-bottle over a layer of heat shrink or vice versa. The barrel unscrews but that's not much help as it's not reversible and it's a unique diameter.

The other is a 2" ProStar with a beveled undercut, deepest at the top and tapers to nothing 20mm down. The entire barrel is a one piece assembly ie the bit with the undercut doesn't unscrew. Looks like this one will have to be epoxied using a plastic pill-bottle as a cast and sculpted with a sharp blade. Also it matte anodised so epoxy should adhere well enough.

Third for fixing is a bintel 2" star diagonal which has a similar tapered undercut as the ProStar and a very glossy epoxy paint job. I'll try heat shrink on the first before resorting to sanding the paint off and using epoxy.
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