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Unbelievable what a little waiting can do... The damn foam that I could not find a suitable glue...well I don't need any glue now for the ceiling foam as I turned it lengthways and by sliding it in from the very ends of the roof I don't need glue...I did find builders filler foam works perfect for glue and I bought three big tubes of it..but only put up 3 pieces that way..but I still have to glue the walls however ...and need about another 20 sheets..but its as good as done trip to town if they have 20 sheets...still its the little things that keep you at it...I cant set up for 240 volt yet so I rounded up all my spare after all my talk against 12 volt thats what is going at the moment...I am not going to rush the layout until I have done a photo run...need a separate desk for the microscopes.. two of them..someone I helped heard I was interested in getting a trinocular and camera and surprised me..doing favoirs for nothing pays rather well I find.

And basically the observatory is all working as at 30 minutes ago...decided to set up the 80mm whilst I align the mount and set up generally...put the diagonal and illuminated reticle in, check and ready for alignment and pec training, pole master needs a plug for the eq6..I will make something out of fibre glass...set up the Nickon on the 80 mm just to run things simple and leave the 115 mm and zwo alone in the other observatory ready to use if the sky maybe a wider field around the spider with the 80 mm and Nikon..I want to do a few photos before I commit to permanent stuff.
Needless to say its very cloudy here.
Edit addition...the tapping for the little post went perfect.
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