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Originally Posted by appiice View Post
Final rant, the people that do the actual work to improve the standard are often industry leaders and in this capacity ( from my experience ) are unpaid. So they work towards improving the living standards of us all for nothing and we then have to pay to access those standards.

Yep, great system.
I was on the AS2805 technical committee, which established the messaging format and interchange structure for Electronic Funds Transfer system set up by the five gateway banks in Australia (ANZ, CBA, NAB, SBN and SBV) back in the 1980s & early 90s.. I was the State Bank of NSW representative (SBN). I can confirm that technical managers from the gateway banks were in fact paid by their respective bank employers for their work on AS2805, as it occurred during normal working hours.
As is usual for employees, intellectual property developed during employment, usually belongs to the institution. Professional all understand this.
Now while the establishment of Australian Standards was a great thing for the nation, privatisation of the Standards entity and forcing it into a commercial footing, was a big failure by the federal government of the day. Thus, as an outcome, we are forced to pay to access the detailed Standards documents.
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