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Re the speedo thing. The actual hard to get standard is all car speedos must be sold with a tolerance of +1% to -35% for chinese imports. Most other countries are +0% to - 20%, so if your sold a car with the speedo reading low, you can pass the fine on to the dealership provided you did not modify it. E.g. Volkswagons tend to be 8% fast. Greatwall utes 27% fast.

Hand held speed radars are good to a practical tolerance of +-0.2kmph when facing flat to the front of a car. Any angle and the reading is shifted. So they tend to be placed on the leading edge of a curve so your heading dead on to them.

About accessing standards. Most university libraries have unlimited access to view them. But not print them. However you can hit up TAFE's for printing though the selection might ve more limited to trade related standards. Usually the easier way is visit your council building and ask. 95% chance they have some local standard that is not accesible online.
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