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HEQ5 mount basic operation question


I've recently purchased a HEQ5 Heavy Duty mount equipped with an Argo Navis (AN) Model 102B. I am trying to familiarise myself with the equipment in readiness for attaching my scope. So far I have successfully attached the

1) mount's handset - it is the basic unit sold with the mount that has options of 2, 8 and 16x speed settings and 4 buttons to control axial movement. On the side of the handset neither axial setting is set to reverse.

2) mount's power supply

3) Argo Navis

4) AN connectors to encoders
5) AN power supply

I have run through some AN menu options and can see that the on board battery has sufficient charge to ensure the mount's settings have been retained. I am stuck at the point of just trying to get the handset to move the mount. I have removed the side plate on the mount and I can see that when I press the buttons on the handset the gears engage as expected and both sets of cogs are turning appropriately. Furthermore when I have the AN menu set to MODE ENCODER the readings are altering as expected. However the mount is not moving at all that I can see. I've depressed each button for over a minute with the handset on 16X and unless the movement is glacial (my inaugural post's tangential reference to this website's name ), there is no mechanical response. I can freely move the mount by hand through both the Right Ascension and Declination axes when the lock levers are loosened. The pressure applied by the levers makes no difference to motor engagement. Any pointers or suggestions?
Thanks kindly
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