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Originally Posted by Astronut07 View Post

Thatís a bugger regarding tree
Are you a member of a astro club?
The club Iím in still has viewing nights
Maybe an option if your keen to get out just depends on your location & availability
A club can certainly help
I know from my own experience it certainly has helped me along

Hi Ben,

Yep if it was my tree it wouldn't be there now
Not a member of a Astro Club as yet might look into it. I know the one in Sutherland has there own observatory at Oyster Bay fair way from here.
I've learnt a ton from the various Forums and Youtube is great also. Everyone has been really helpful.

I find the AZEQ6GT a bit of a Beast to move about my very tiny yard, I have the Extension pier and leave the whole lot with mount on the tripod less weights and Scope.

Looked at a lighter mount maybe the iOptron 45GEM at 7.5kg and still boasting about the same payload as the AZEQ6 might be an option.

I bought the AZEQ6 as I thought the AZ would be useful but since using EQ mode haven't gone back.

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