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Hi All,

Spotted it tonight for the first time at 33.5 deg S (approximately Sydney) after the last two nights of solid rain.

6.25pm (60 mins post sunset) in twilight, found exactly where predicted, 20 degrees due north of Beta Leonis (Denebola) and 4 degrees south of the local star Groombridge 1830 in southern Ursa Major and about 12 degrees above the north west horizon.

In 15x70s it is a bright binocular comet, approximately 4th magnitude with a distinctly cyan hue, sporting a coma about 8-10 arc minutes diameter concentrating fairly strongly to centre. I suspect seeing a short, broad, faint tail, perhaps nearly 2 degrees long in PA 120. The sky was too bright to see it naked-eye before mid-level alto-cumulus cloud rolled in from the south and swallowed it before the last colour from the sunset was extinguished.

No longer a "Neowise Virgin".



P.S There were sightings of the comet several nights ago by experienced comet observers from about 32 deg south, very very low in the northwest.
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