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Don't worry about starting out trying to duplicate what others have done. As Humayun says, you'll probably be disappointed and frustrated.
Just get used to the lens and macro shooting first. It's a whole new ball game.

If you think it's fiddly trying to get a telescope to focus with a high magnification eyepiece, wait until you're knee-deep in a swamp trying to hand-hold a macro setup in poor light while attempting to photograph a dragonfly on a leaf

Start out by choosing some really well lit subjects. They don't have to be insects ... try anything ... just some coins on a table under strong light for example.
That way you can use a smaller aperture and give yourself a little bit more depth of field to work with.

Once you get used to how it all works you can progress to putting the camera on a tripod and shooting in lower light ... and getting closer and closer while your subjects get smaller and smaller ... or perhaps investing in a macro flash and shooting tiny, spectacularly coloured fungi in semi-darkness.
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